Wheel alignment

Thursday 25 April 2013

Not dead, just busy :-)

A few weeks ago, I was surprised and rather touched to get an email from fellow moto-blogger Jules asking if I was ok as I hadn't posted for a while.  Since then, there have been 3 similar emails so thought I'd better set the record straight!
  •  Being an old fart doesn't mean that I've croaked it, in the process of croaking it or losing any more marbles than I've already lost but thank you for your concern, haha.  In perfectly good health apart from some minor bug I've currently picked up from one of the grandkids which is an occupational hazard for us grandparents! Still loving life though.
  • Being retired also doesn't mean sitting around waiting for a harp and fluffy cloud or most likely the warmer alternative in my case.  Just as busy as when I was working, the difference being that you largely get to choose what you want to do and when to do it. Tomorrow, I'm 180km away from home taking an IAM Associate for an observed ride.  An almost identical situation the day after in another location.  The day after that, it's another 500 km day with the IAM end of month group ride in Auckland.  Then there's the admin side of IAM.....  loving it all though!
  • Also important to keep the family happy so need to spend quality time with Jennie... in the boat going fishing and all the other stuff we do together, plus visits to our kids as unpaid carpenter, entertainer of grandchildren etc.
  • As a consequence, blogging is right at the bottom of the pile.  No current plans for any more but can't say that won't change.  However, will still enjoy reading the other great blogs when the opportunity arises!
Have recently purchased a silver iridium visor with Pinlock insert for my Shoei helmet to replace the stone-chipped blue one.  I've become quite a fan of iridium-coated visors as much of their effectiveness is through reflecting bright light as opposed to blocking it.  This means that that they still let a reasonable amount of ambient light through which is handy if you get caught out in low light conditions. Not so good in those conditions with traditional tinted visors!  Oh and they're also good for disguising Old Farts behaving badly! ("Look at that young idiot overtaking all those cars, Ethel").

The previous iridium visor was a non-OEM one bought from eBay at a hugely lower price than a Shoei original.  It fitted perfectly and performed well until it became the target for a rock flicked up on the recent Old Firm Tour so its replacement is a non-OEM one again which saved about NZ$80 compared with an original.  A good example of price-gouging by Shoei?

Mirror, mirror on the wall.......

Going along with the "Confessions" title of the blog, I have a confession......  got done for speeding!

Before the "irresponsible old biker" taunts start, let me explain.....

Must have been Karma considering all the times I ummm...slightly exceed the national open road limit on the bike to actually get pulled over in our boat!!  Jennie and I were coming back into Coromandel Harbour from a fishing trip.  The Harbourmaster was lurking just inside the harbour mouth pinging everyone who was exceeding the 5 knot speed limit, which was every boat that came through.  No excuses though as I was probably doing 10 knots or so.  The fine was a bit steep at $200 and it was certainly a lesson learned.  At least it doesn't carry demerit points on your licence though like a land-based speeding fine!  I should add that there was no bollocking from the person in the passenger seat which was a real bonus.

Hey ho!!