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Saturday 1 June 2013

IAM - not just for the seriously fast bikes

The Institute of Advanced Motorists in NZ coaches both riders and drivers employing the criteria broadly used for UK police training.  In other words, a truly measurable, advanced standard.  Many people think that that they have to own big capacity, fast bikes to benefit from joining IAM but t'aint so!  Provided a person has a bike which is capable of sustaining the open road speed limit and that they have a full licence combined with reasonable post-learner experience, they'll benefit hugely from membership.

NZ IAM has a complete mix from scooters through to pure sports bikes and cruisers.  There's no egos (egos vanish after the first assessment ride, haha!) and everyone is there to encourage each other to attain Advanced Test standard and beyond - a fantastic atmosphere and organisation to be part of.  Here are a few of the machines at last weekend's Auckland regional ride.

Piaggio MP3 and BMW1200GS

A real mix, including single cylinder trail bikes and the latest Repsol Fireblade

Fellow blogger Roger's beautiful (pretty?) new K1200 S
(showing unusual generosity by letting Bruce sit on it!)

Andy's brutal  new K1300 R
(This is the bike Darth Vader would own!)

Actually, it was a very special day for Andy.  A few days beforehand, he'd passed the hugely demanding written and practical Observer (Advanced Instructor) tests and received his accolades in front of the assembled riders - very well done indeed mate!

Receiving the Observer certificate and IAM hi-viz vest

...and a bottle of special reserve NZ Pinot Noir!

Advanced cake-eating demonstration from Richard
(an essential part of the IAM curriculum)

As always, a wonderful day with a great bunch of women and guys.  It takes a lot of time to be an Observer with IAM (which is a major reason why Rogey and I don't post much these days) but the satisfaction and gain in skills is literally priceless.