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Wednesday 16 November 2016

Game of Fours Challenge, Kiwi Style

Fellow Kiwi moto blogger Andrew tagged me in a Game of 4's Challenge in which 4 questions are provded, each to have 4 answers.  I won't tag other bloggers because I'm pretty much at the end of the line!

The questions are:
1.  What is your favourite food?
2.  What are your favourite drinks?
3.  Places you've been?
4.  Names that you're known by?

Favourite food
By region, it has to be Asian.  Tremendous variety of flavours, quick to prepare and healthy with loads of fresh vegetables.  These are among my favourite foods, not in any particular order.

1.Vietnamese chicken and prawn salad.  Chicken, prawns, cashews,lots of fresh salad vegetables and vermicelli, drizzled with a dressing of fish sauce, white vinegar, chilli and garlic.  Yumm!

2. Tom Kha Gai.  Hot and spicy Thai/Malaysian soup with a coconut milk base.  Normally with chicken but vegetarian with mushrooms instead of chicken is divine.

3.  Beercan Chicken.  Our summer BBQ staple meat dish.  Half a can of beer stuck up the chook's fundamental orifice to keep it moist with herbs and spices of your choice inside and on the skin. We prefer middle eastern spices.  Best done on a BBQ with a lid.

4.  Fresh Snapper.  Great fishing grounds only a few hundred metres from our house.  Normally filleted, dusted in flour and pan-fried.  Raw sashimi-style marinated in coconut milk, lemon juice, diced red peppers, chilli and spring onions makes a great entree.

Jennie looking rather smug

Favourite drinks
1.  Good coffee - black.  NZ has a reputation for roasting and brewing great coffee, even in out of the way places as opposed to trendy city coffee shops.  As a result, Starbucks hasn't gained much of a foothold!

2.  Craft beers.  Just love the proliferation of small breweries using natural ingredients to get fantastic flavours.  Life's too short to be drinking mass-produced crap!

3.  Wine.  Sitting on the deck before dinner sipping a glass of something is one of life's real pleasures.  Ditto for a single malt at the end of dinner with friends!

4.  Water.  We're not on town supply with all its added chemicals.  Filtered rainwater is just delicious.

Places we've been
Travelled round the globe a fair bit with hopefully a lot more to see and do yet.  Some random photos from our travels below.

1.  Tracy Arm, Alaska

About 1 km from the glacier face

2.  Vietnam

Street vendors, Hanoi

3.  Western Australia

Karijini National Park

4.  Thailand

A bit precarious

Names that you've been known by
1.  At school, Jesse - after the outlaw Jesse James.  Cowboys and Indians were big at the movies and on TV at that time.

2.  BAMBI.  Pre-retirement, a woman I used to work with christened me with this.  Born Again Middle-aged Biker.  I can't ever remember her calling me by my real christian name after that.

3.  Geoffrey.  This is my real name but  used by my wife when I've blotted my copybook in some way.  If I hear it being called out in her best school ma'am tone, I know I'm in for a bollocking so make myself scarce.  If she uses Geoff, it's green lights all the way!

Good fun!


  1. Not a meatball in sight...thank goodness for that Geoffrey!

  2. Nick,
    I love meatballs but they're not in my top 4! And you can cut that Geoffrey crap out - it's only my CEO who scares me :-)

  3. i like the catch your own fish and eat them
    i forgot the fresh trout taste in my list

  4. Hi Dunc,
    Yep, usually have fish or scallops in the freezer but haven't been out at all this winter due to other priorities. Really looking forward to fresh fish!

  5. Tom kha gai is what I often get when going to the local Thai restaurant. One of these days I'd like to visit Vietnam. Our visit to Singapore was an all too brief introduction.

    1. Hi Richard,
      Tom Kha Gai seems to be on the menu across a number of S-E Asian countries with small variations but they all taste wonderful! We spent nearly a month in Vietnam and Malaysia and loved every minute of it. Singapore was also nice. Great architecture but we found it a little sterile.

  6. Pretty good list you have there Bambi. Can we still classify you as M for Middle age?

  7. So suddenly, all my friends are smartarses ;-). Middle age will do fine thanks Brandy although Jennie might dispute that as she says I've never grown up!

  8. It's lunchtime and I haven't eaten yet. the first two meals could work for me, too.

    It seems to be an international behavioural pattern that, if men are called by their real name they seem to go into conflict avoiding mode.

    1. Hi Sonja!
      Not that there is much left over when I cook an Asian meal, but I'm happy to eat leftovers for breakfast too!

      That's interesting! We respond much better to Honey or Sweetheart, even if what follows means trouble for us :-)


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