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Monday 8 February 2010

Classic race bike weekend, Auckland NZ

Just had a wonderful weekend.  On Friday, we hosted a Blackbird owner and his wife (Steve and Debbie Downes) from the UK as part of their month long holiday in NZ. Actually, he's just sold it as a concession to Debbie's comfort and bought a Pan-European!  Lovely couple and we really hit it off.

This weekend also happened to be the Annual 3 day long International Classic Race Bike Festival at the Pukekohe circuit in south Auckland. I haven't been for many years and what a treat I've been missing!  Over 250 riders and bikes from all over the world come along, many of them in successive years because they enjoy themselves so much.  Kevin Schwantz, Giacomo Agostini, Paul Smart, Peter Williams, Stan Woods and Lea Gourlay have all been here and are unbelievably approachable. It's incredibly laid back and for the $25 (10 pounds, $20 US) entry fee, you get a beautifully produced programme and unlimited access to the pits.  It's fantastic to see enthusiasts running an event where the public aren't ripped off - quite the reverse in fact.I've attached a few photos to the blog as a "taster".  If you'd like to see the full set, here's the link: PukekoheClassic2010 .  If you're ever planning to come to New Zealand on holiday, make sure you're here for this annual event!!!


Next weekend should be an absolute ripper too.  I have a 3 day "boys weekend" riding round the North Island's East Cape.  Approximately 1300km round trip of largely deserted twisty roads.  Can't wait!!!

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