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Friday 24 December 2010

For the Northern Hemisphere bloggers!

Well, it's Christmas Eve Down Under.  I have a task list a mile long courtesy of my CEO and am under orders to have all tasks completed by the time the family starts to arrive in a couple of hours.  Our daughter is bringing her new(ish) boyfriend whom we've yet to meet.  I'm under orders to be nice to him or the carving knife will be used on me rather than the Xmas ham!  Perhaps not a good occasion to push my luck :-).  Anyway, one of Victoria's protective brothers recently met him and said that he's a really nice guy.  That's high praise indeed from someone who is not noted for diplomacy when it comes to her boyfriends!

The excellent Troubadour had a dig at us Southern Hemisphere types regarding the weather, trees and everything else in his recent post, showing a complete lack of sympathy for the warmth, blue skies and approaching the longest day of the year.  I took the photo below just for him and the snow-bound British bloggers on the way back from collecting the Christmas ham from town **sly grin**.  Xmas day and Boxing Day have temperature forecasts of around 30 degrees C, so we'll drink a toast to you at the evening BBQ!

Jennie's MX5, just 200 metres from home

All the very best from Upside-Down Land and catch you after Xmas.


  1. Good on you Roger seeing Troubador had a crack at you too, hehe!

    Take care mate1

  2. 30C! Miserably hot weather and isn't all that sunshine unhealthy? I went out this morning and noticed a bank temperature sign claimed -42C (the thermometer in my truck stops at -40). This weather helps to minimize skin cancer.

    Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanks for the great post Geoff. We all need a good ribbing about the weather now and then.

  4. Richard:
    It is indeed! Lots of SPF 30+ sunblock and wide-brimmed hats hopefully keeps it at bay. Minus 42 - eek, doesn't even bear thinking about!

    Hahaha! I grew up in the UK so appreciate what horrible weather is like. Not as cold as the Pacific north-west winter but could be unpredictable and miserable all year round. Good that we can all laugh about the weather or we'd go crazy.

    Every good wish to you and Troubador!

  5. Geoff:

    We don't have to tell you to be nice, as you always are. Diplomatic too. we used to have an MX5 too but not your high powered dual turbo-powered machine. So far so good, we are only going to get torrential rains and warm temps. Not as high as 30c but warm for us. Don't cut that tree down, I will use it as a landmark for when we visit

    have a Merry Christmas and be sure to eat lots of HAM

    Wet Coast Scootin

  6. Bob:
    Haha - your silver tongue will get you almost anywhere! Not turbo, but lots of go-faster goodies nonetheless! Torrential rain would be nice for us for a few days, but only after the festive season!

    You're in trouble if you use that tree as a landmark. There must be tens of thousands of them in full bloom all the way down the coast to Thames, 50 km away! Spectacular, but crap for navigation.

    Same to you and Yvonne, my good friend!

  7. 30C? Sure, rub it in....

    Hope you enjoy a very Merry Christmas with the entire clan. (And I'm sure you can sneak out for at least a quick ride to pick up something you forgot at the corner store.)

    Cheers mate.

  8. Merry Christmas to you, Jennie, and your family Geoff! Enjoy the beautiful weather too!

  9. Canajun and Mike:

    And the same to you guys and your families - it's been great getting to know you all over the last 12 months!

  10. Have a great Xmas Geoff! Seeya on the road...

  11. Cheers Andrew - safe riding and hope you get lots of goodies for Xmas!

  12. Wish we had that sunshine over here, has rained the last few days and there is more on the way for tomorrow. Kids are so excited, one is still awake. I'm tracking santa via google earth and he's currently in NZ, so hopefully that will hurry her into bed.

    Have a great day tomorrow,


  13. We are currently in the grip of the coldest winter the uk has seen in living memory(or so the papers say). No biking and difficulty getting around full stop. I wish we had 30 degree temperatures but we'll just have to endure. Have a great christmas Geoff and enjoy the family get together.

  14. Happy Christmas Geoff, from a snow bound northern Hemispherer caught up in all this British whiteness. Who in their right mind would want to be in 30C at this time of year? Err, that would be me. Have fun with your family and be nice to the new boyfriend – you were one of them once!

  15. Don't work too hard, enjoy the weather and season. It is exactly 0 degrees Celsius where I am :-( but I will be going down to the Caribbean on the 1st of January for 11 days, I will be getting some warmth there :-)
    A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

  16. Anthony:
    Happy Xmas Day Mate! Hope the kids (and the big kids!)are having a wonderful time. Sorry about the weather, we're due to get your second-hand weather on Monday!

    Merry Xmas! Hope you can still get to the pub on Xmas Eve. Take care and all the best.

    Season's greetings! Thought you'd be in spain escaping the white stuff! The new boyfriend is a really nice guy, which ruins the fun of being mean to him! Take care....

    Merry Xmas! Sorry about the cold, we've just had a champagne breakfast on our deck! Have a fantastic trip to the Carribean - we're all envious here!

  17. Happy Christmas to you and your family Geoff, we're also in the hot 30s so it's a braai for lunch here. By the way before we met our daughter's new boyfriend (now husband) I sent a photo of me glaring at the camera for her to scare him with!

  18. Andrew:

    Merry Xmas and hope you've had a wonderful time! That's a terrific idea! This chap(Luke) is hard not to like. Has a terrific job, good sense of humour, plays the guitar superbly, polite etc. Think I'll have to hate him for being too perfect and therefore suspicious!

  19. You know, there's always a trade off. I'd say your chances of a snow white Christmas are pretty remote. Guess it all depends upon who's bull is being gored.

    Merry Christmas and enjoy the weather to your heart's content!

  20. Geoff:

    You learn something new every day. I never thought of you as a Young Boyfriend, but I still have that image of that delicious Young Jennie you posted.

    just think; 30C, NZ with Jennie in a home on the beach . . . You have the perfect life. (Red shorts not withstanding)

    Have a very Happy New Year. You have just enough time for a short one photo post

    Wet Coast Scootin

  21. Irondad:
    Remote indeed - I prefer to go to the snow than it come to me! In fact, I prefer to avoid snow altogether! Happy New Year to you!

    I was probably the boyfriend that I currently give a hard time to! (Mr Francis has a lot to answer for, bringing that up)! I can't get near the boat ramp at present because of the holidaymakers so the red fishing shorts won't be in evidence for a few days.

    Oh, and something big pulled my rod and reel out of the boat during a moments' inattention just before Xmas. More expense, sigh.....

    Happy New Year to you and Yvonne my friend!


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