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Sunday, 1 May 2011

A Blogger's Centerline Day (ABCD)

As per Gary France's great idea (ABCD - will you take part?) to get as many moto-bloggers to submit a photo taken on May 1st of themselves on a road centreline, I humbly submit one from New Zealand, first country in the world to see sunrise (or not, in this case)!!!!

Greetings from Coromandel, New Zealand!

It's an utterly awful day with a full gale in progress and moments later, a full deluge too which now seems to be progressively setting in for at least 24 hours according to the forecast.  That's why the photo was taken just a few metres from the bottom of the drive to our house!

Have a wonderful day everyone, wherever you may be!


  1. THe weather gods conspired against us kiwi bloggers today Geoff. I was hoping for a beautiful sunrise...but alas it was not to be. Dear oh dear....i need to take you shoe shopping!

  2. Hi Geoff
    Sorry to hear that you are having such lousy weather up there in Coromandel. At least you were man enough to get your bike out of the garage and do the centre-line thing. Down here in Invercargill we have a fine, calm but dull day - and to be honest I can't be bothered getting the old girl out of the shed!
    Nevertheless - I am pleased to hear that you are having fun in your "ageing" years. I stumbled onto your blog while looking for ideas, advice, etc because we (my partner Lyn and I are both ageing motorcyclists) and we, along with another couple, are heading off to Europe later in the year for a 5 week motorcycle trip around the continent so while everything is booked and in place, we are always open to new ideas as our itinerary is very flexible.
    I will work my way through your blog with interest.
    Cheers, Rick

  3. Roger:
    Sure did, although your photo was an absolute cracker - talk about moody and magnificent!

    My shoes are more than capable of delivering a swift kick to a cheeky Aucklander's butt. They're for hiking but I guess a city boy wouldn't know anything about that :-).

    Gidday Rick!
    It was a close-run thing to roll it out - another 10 minutes when the rains came and it would have been a different story! My last time in Invercargill was 2005 when I competed in the Southern Cross. Used to visit Mataura regularly too when my company had a paper mill there.

    The Europe trip sounds wonderful - one of my Auckland-based riding partners rode round Europe about 7 years ago and had a ball. The current Kiwi Rider mag has an article by another Kiwi touring Europe. Hope you and Lyn have a fantastic time over there.

    Any time you're up this way, hospitality is always on offer. Thanks for dropping by and stay in touch!

  4. That's the spirit! I hope for some half decent weather tomorrow to do my center-line 'stunt'.

  5. Sonja:

    You go for it girl! Expect to see you sitting in a puddle if your weather turns out like ours. You know what they say about suffering and art....

  6. For once, no puddles in Old South Wales! I think our weather was better than yours today. Well done for getting out there and doing it.

  7. Thanks Richard!
    I won't be stepping outside today with continuous heavy rain and lots of airborne flotsam!

  8. Kudos to you my friend for braving the elements and getting your ABCD photo!

    Looking good no doubt!


  9. yeah! what fun...bad weather and all! :)

  10. Nice to meet you Geoff! I think Gary sure came up with a great idea! My weather turned out to be pretty nice considering what we've had here in Alabama, but I did the best I could! Hope it gets sunny there soon!!

  11. Allen and mq01:
    Many thanks! It certainly was fun, even if the ride to the photo shoot was less than 100 metres, followed by a rapid departure when the heavens opened!

    Hi Eve and thanks for dropping by! That's a great-looking 883 - very mean looking!!!

  12. Its great that you got a fantastic photograph despite the weather looking a little dull!

    I'm glad to see so many people took part in this!

  13. Geoff:

    My attention got diverted to your excellent Hiking shoes made for riding. I don't see any signs of torrential rains, otherwise you would have had your helmet handy

    Riding the Wet Coast

  14. At least you weathered the weather whether or not you really wanted to be out in it. Say that 5 times real fast.

    It doesn't matter that it was close to your house, you did it and that is what counts. Good job. Hopefully today is sunnier for you.

  15. Lizzie:
    Haha - a little dull - I'd already pushed the photo brightness way up!! Yep, it was good fun, wasn't it? Well done Gary for suggesting it.

    Bob my old mate!
    Helmet is on the grass, just by the rear of my exhaust - opticians for you!!!

    It's all your fault that I've slobbered all over the keyboard trying to say that!!! Sunny at present thanks, but more heavy rain forecast later in the day. Probably a plague of locusts tomorrow!

  16. This was fun, you didn't go far but I don't blame you :-)
    I can't wait to see all the photos together :-)

  17. Great pic, you are always smiling, even in a cold blustery storm.

  18. George:
    It sure was fun - what shall we do next??

    Thanks. I read somewhere that it uses less muscles to grin than to frown. Suits my lazy demeanour!

  19. Like bobskoot, I particularly enjoyed the slacks and dress shoes. :) Glad that you were at least able to get out and enjoy the moment! Great smile and lovely bay in the background.

  20. Hi Lori!
    Yeah, I was letting the side down a bit but the spur of the moment decision made it great fun nonetheless.

    I think the smile was due to the fact that it hadn't started raining. The water in the background is Coromandel Harbour and we're very fortunate that our BBQ deck is less than 100 metres from the waters' edge.


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