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Thursday 13 October 2011

NZ Classic Bike and Car Auction - Oct 19th

Next week, Webb's Auctioneers in Auckland are auctioning classic cars, bikes and associated memorabilia.  The auction is taking place at Deus Ex Machina and I've mentioned this magical place in a couple of previous posts.  It still amazes me just how much classic automotive stuff is hidden away in this country with its 4 million population, but forever glad that this stuff is still about!  I've seen some of them in the flesh at Deus Ex Machina and classic events round the country and they are literally in showroom new condition!

The on-line catalogue is  HERE with 100 mouth-watering pages but just to whet your appetite, here are just a handful of pages from it.  Oh to have a large disposable income, sigh.....

1915 Triumph with wickerwork sidecar

1928 Harley Davidson

1937 OK Supreme

1957 BSA Gold Star (dribble, dribble....)

1961 Mercedes Roadster

1968 Factory Bultaco

1970 Kawasaki H1 Triple

1975 Suzuki 500 GP bike

1982 Honda CX 650 Turbo

1976 Lotus Elite

Hope you've enjoyed some of these fabulous machines.  Lots, lots more in the on-line catalogue!


  1. Hey Geoff,

    ooooh I so badly want that 1928 Harley Davidson and the '82 Honda CX650 !! Please feel free to go and bid on them on my behalf and I'll be sure to reimburse you once they are shipped here to Oz.... :)

    Cheers mate!

  2. My pleasure Anthony :-)

    That Harley is a beaut eh? A mate had the CX 500 Turbo version. They were supposed to be a bit dodgy but he never had any grief with his. I think the 650 had all the problems ironed out of it.

  3. Geoff:

    I like the 190SL . Put a bid on it and I'll pay for the first tank of petrol

    Riding the Wet Coast

  4. Bob:
    You could be down her from Vancouver in about 15 hours. Tell you what.... throw a sickie from work, I'll meet you at the airport and take you directly to the venue.

  5. Geoff, saw the catalogue at my mates place, drooled over it for ages. Even if I could afford one (ignoring recent purchases), I wouldnt know how to fix the buggers when some thing goes wrong.....the H1 Triple is my favourite, god I bet that sounds sexy.

  6. Roger,
    Fortunately, most old bikes are designed to be fixed with pretty rudimentary tools and facilities. (I did a pretty decent rebuild of my Triumph 500 on the roadside a lifetime ago!!)

    A neighbour in Tokoroa had the H2 750. It sounded like a bag of nails whilst warming up but once it was warm, the shriek from the pipes...

    An environmentalist's worst nightmare with their fuel economy and emissions, hehe!

  7. Mark [Marcus Argentus of MV]13 October 2011 at 17:45

    Ken and I were there on Sunday for lunch and looked at the collection. Now, I have to disagree with you on several of your selections...

    The 1915 Triumph with wickerwork sidecar is a great idea - a motorcyclist's version of a mobility wheelchair thingy - just perfect for you and She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed to pop down to the local for a "pinta milk and packet of Crispies"!

    The 1946 Indian Chief is far superior to the H-D. The Chief has mudguards to die for - well not quite - but they are gorgeous mudguards.

    Forget the M-B sports, try a proper car - 1965 Holden HD!

    And, as I've always wanted a straight-six [preferably in the front of four-wheels - hence the Holden] you have to look at the Honda CBX 1000!

    See you at the auction with the pre-signed cheques - sure Jenni will approve - hehe


    [Piaggio MP3]

  8. Ok, out of your selection can I please have the Merc Roadster? What a beauty, the only Mercedes I have ever liked.

  9. Hello Mark - great to catch up with you at last!

    Alas, the Triumph and wicker sidecar would be hopeless for Coromandel due to the slope of our drive. If the engine didn't expire, the drive belt certainly would!

    Got to agree regarding the Indian guards!

    Hah! An HD? The only "proper" sports Holden IMHO is an SLR 5000! (And that includes my neighbour's tweaked 2010 Clubsport which I've driven)!

    The CBX is a nice bit of kit. The top dressing pilot who lives at Ngatea sold his this year for a frightening amount of money. It had a Stainetune exhaust system with 6 individual mufflers!

    REgrettably, I won't be allowed within 100 km of the auction by SWMBO!

    Hope to catch up in person before long!

  10. Sonja:
    1. The answer is no, Bob has first dibs on it.
    2. Isn't a Harley owner obligated by law to drive a Dodge Ram with a gun rack in the back window? Owning a Merc of any description will see your licence to own a Harley withdrawn pronto.

  11. OK you can all fight over the left overs that Goldie is mine.......now who's going to start it for me???? You will still hear me slipping the clutch 10k down the road.....

  12. 'ello Dylan,
    Now why did I think that you and I might squabble over the same machine? Perhaps because we grew up drooling over them?

    I'll hear you slipping the clutch 10k down the road as long as you're in the countryside. The first built-up area you come to, it'll be a close race between destroying the clutch plates and oiling the plug.

    Let's not forget that other essential accessory we need to own a Goldie - rose-tinted glasses. I'm sure that the auctioneers will have several pairs in their catalogue.......

  13. Ahhh alright then I'll go with second choice Cat No. 69....I used to have one but with silver livery, pre uni construction with the mag at the front of the engine to act as a water scoop...ha ha...

  14. Have another cuppa Dylan - dynamo at front, BTH mag behind - just like my Tiger 100!

  15. Ahh yes you are correct...though the effect was the same.....all stop! Well it is early morning over here....(my excuse for diminishing brain cells....!)

  16. Geoff: Let me get the Merc and I drop the Harley ;-)

  17. Dylan:
    I think at our age, a dozen bricks in a backpack might be a useful age to kicking a Goldie over!

    For a bike enthusiast, that's a terrible thing to say ;-). Your fellow bloggers might want to pass judgement on that statement with regard to your true leanings!

  18. Geoff:

    as I was gathering my stuff for the 15 hour flight, I realized that I "misplaced" YOUR credit card into. Can you please process the ticket charges at your end and I'll pick up the tickets at the airport terminal.

    I'll pay you back as soon as I arrange for the bank transfer from my winnings in the Nigerian lottery.

    Riding the Wet Coast

  19. No worries Bob - it will all fit together rather well. Please proceed to the Nigerian Airways desk to pick up your tickets.

  20. Bob...I can loan you some of my Nigerian funds if you like, they emailed me last week with the details, I just need to come up with $800 USD so they can release them. I'll be happy to give you some of my $12.5 Million..........(and all of my pigs are well fed and ready for takeoff!!)

  21. Why was it that the sods only kicked back when you had grabbed both grips swung downwards with all your total weight and strength and stiff legged just reached max downward travel.....hence nearly breaking your right leg.....yet again!

  22. Dylan:
    Yet we look back on those days with affection. Maybe it was because we had transport independence for the first time - all those places to discover and license to behave like complete idiots!

  23. WOW, those are some awesome machines. Oh, to win the lottery. Wait, I don't buy tickets, doh! I guess I will just continue to drool.

  24. Hi Trobairitz!

    Aren't they just? Yeah, we don't buy tickets either. Maybe we get to ride bikes like that in Heaven or the other place!

  25. "Transport Independence"...yes I think you really hit that on the head Geoff, thinking back it really was, and a great feeling. Are we really craving for the "yesterday" bikes or what we had then that went with them?

  26. Dylan
    Well, some bikes of that era are gorgeous by any standards but I think you're right - it was the freedoms and thrills which they conferred.

  27. Back in that day, Honda made some stuff that really stuck out.

    I also saw some stuff that I never knew existed.

  28. Bryon:
    Absolutely! I vividly remember seeing my first CB 750 and being completely blown away. It was just light years ahead of anything coming out of the UK at the time, including the Trident.


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