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Friday 25 February 2011

Oh for a Lotto win!

The first part of this post is particularly for fellow moto-blogger Anthony from Australia who has the knack of finding some magnificent custom bikes which make me drool.  Well, I hope the ones I've found make a lot of people drool too.

I blundered across the Falcon Motorcycles website a few days ago.  Some of you might know all about this bike manufacturer.  I didn't, and as the page opened, all I could do was say:


It's rare for me to be smitten at first glance but this was one of those occasions.  I'm sure others will think that they're butt ugly and that's fine - vive la difference!!

Totally impractical other than riding to town and being admired (or gracing the lounge, but that's never going to be allowed to happen, is it???)

These bikes are a combination of pure art form meeting Mad Max and I don't know what else!  They actually manage to look slightly futuristic at the same time.  Based on an old rigid Triumph chassis with a heavily reworked pre-unit construction Triumph 650, the standard of detail is exquisite.

The people who design and build them are artists in all definitions of the word with every component of the bike complementing the part next to it.  The sum of the parts exceeds the whole by a wide margin.  Nothing left to say but I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I did!  Click to enlarge.

On a completely different tack, does anyone enjoy motorcycle racing games?  I found the free Superbike Nation on the internet and it's huge fun for filling in a few minutes when your mind goes blank in front of the keyboard!  Choose your bike and configuration and have a go at circuits round the world.  Get race points, upgrade your bike components and slowly become more competitive.   Be warned, it's ego-damaging for the first few  correction...lots of times but a lot of fun!  Just ignore the adverts for other games as it loads and wait for the configuration screen to appear.  Warning - when you've won the initial championship, the next level up is a  magnitude of difficulty greater.  Oh, and leaning over in your computer chair with your knee out is perfectly acceptable as long as your better half doesn't see you doing it ;-).

This is the last post for a while as Jennie and I are taking a break for much of March, travelling through Kuala Lumpur, Vietnam from north to south and home via Singapore.  Or, as one of my younger (and still working) riding partners put it, begrudging our retired status, "Taking a break from what, exactly?".  Not heading off just yet, but have a few other things to take care of.

Safe riding and we'll catch you later all being well!


  1. You read my mind Geoff....the Falcon Kestral was on my "list of cool bikes" and it was due to hit the blog in the next week or two......the falcon bikes are true rolling works of art.

    If you were lucky enough to own one it would have to be displayed inside your house, where it could be seen and admired by everyone. Then when you had a chance to ride it, you would get to experience something magical.

    Of the two they have built so far I love the Kestral, and can't wait to see #3.

    Hope you both have an awesome trip. All the best, stay safe and can't wait to hear all about it.


  2. Geoff:

    I'm not sure I want to retire if retirement gives you so much stress that you have to take a "vacation" to get away . . .

    have a good trip, take your netbook and post a photo a day to make us all envious

    Wet Coast Scootin

  3. Not really a bike for the G.C!!! But beautiful all the same. Of course us with limited resources resign our sleves to praticality, and I am afraid there wouldnt handle two up and luggage to wel..

    My son found that game as well!!, I havernt played it yet, some of us mere mortals have to dedicate at least a few hours a day to working....sigh.

    Hve a great holiday Geoff, we look forward to hearing of your many adventurs in the weeeks following.

  4. Have a great trip (I find it nearly impossible to say vacation!) One area of the world that I've always wanted to visit.

    Never played video games but the Falcon does look pretty cool though it may be a challenge to ride.


  5. Anthony:
    Hahaha - birds of a feather and all that... sorry to steal a post! Thanks mate, catch you in due course.

    Yup, not very practical but neither is most art!
    I'll be in touch before we go to find out how your advanced training went - can't wait to hear. Had an offer to ride with the chief instructor for the Institute of Advanced Motorcyclists tomorrow but can't as we have family coming. Will take it up when we get back.

    Thanks for that. We've also wanted to visit Vietnam for a long time. It's been 20 years since our last trip to south east Asia so it's well overdue.

  6. OMG, these bikes ARE sexy. Can I have one, too?
    Enjoy your vacation, and safe travels. Hope you share some pics after you come back. I am very interested in these countries, alas never had time, opportunity or budget to get there (yet).

  7. Be careful not to slip on the drool on the floor. The Falcon is a gorgeous looking bike. Simple, pure and with great lines. Have a great trip. Print out a picture of the Falcon and keep it under your pillow each night.

  8. Sonja:
    Yours if I win Lotto and you and Roland come to NZ to collect it! Yup, will share some photos and thanks. Hoping to take some of the biking oddities up there too - it must be fertile ground!

    That's for sure! It really does take genius to make something simple so gorgeous. I see..... along with the Tooth Fairy, there's a Falcon Fairy. Must try out your approach! Cheers and see you in a while if Montezuma's Revenge or mosquitoes don't claim me.

  9. I was skeptical about the cool factor of the bikes...until I looked for myself. Then my jaw dropped. Gorgeous!

    Have a wonderful trip! Can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures!


  10. Hi Lori!
    I know what you mean but when you see the minute detail, that's what sets them apart.

    Thanks very much - sincerely hoping that I don't fall prey to the good old Asian stomach bugs Lost half a stone in Bali 20 years ago and it wasn't much fun at all. We have enough pills to half-fill a suitcase so we should be ok, haha!

  11. Wow, beautiful bikes, enjoy your trip and stay safe.

  12. Beautiful lines at every angle on that bike. Perhaps I like it too, because I can see both motorcycle and bicycle in it.

    Have a wonderful trip and be safe!

  13. George:
    There are some clever people on this planet and thanks, will do!

    Hadn't thought of that and you're absolutely right. Currently sporting a thigh strain, almost certainly due to cycling so I'm not looking on them with affection at present.

    Thanks, certainly hope so on all counts!

  14. Just think of how many great stories you will have to post about when you and Jennie return from your trip.

    Can't wait to read all about it and see the beautiful pictures. I bet you will see some interesting two-wheel modes of transportation.

  15. Thanks Trobairitz! Really hoping that it will be great fun. Getting a bike ride whilst up there would be fun but maybe hazardous given their road conditions. We'll see!


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