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Saturday, 5 December 2009

Waxing philosophical....

What is it with me and new challenges? Maybe to convince myself that I'm not really getting any older, maybe because you only get one crack at life and should live it to the full - heaven knows what the reason is! It will be a sad day when life doesn't hold the prospect of doing something both challenging and enjoyable. I still like riding fast but that alone simply doesn't give satisfaction any more. Just trickling along enjoying the scenery gives an equal buzz. The common factor about riding at both ends of the spectrum is the absolute pleasure gained from riding with precision - getting lines through corners right, being smooth and anticipating potential hazards. I like to call this "Zen State" riding where riding well becomes effortless. The challenge is to drop into that state more and more.

There's something about riding bikes that transcends mere words and borders on the spiritual when done properly. The riding itself, the cameraderie between perfect strangers, the inner glow at the end of a great day of riding, either shared with great friends or solo. All I know is that I would have been much the poorer for not having experienced any of it.

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  1. I think I know what you mean. Getting on a bit of road that you have not been on before and riding it so that you get the corners just right and never touching your brakes makes me feel that "Zen State" you mention.